Dhu al-Hijjah

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  • Saying of the Week

    "I have been sent to perfect good character."

    He also said:

    "The believers  most perfect in faith are those best in character."

    Holy Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be upon Him)

    Funeral Announcements

    INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIOON "To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return". (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

    Namaz-e-Wahshat: In the first Raka'at, after reciting Surah al-Hamd, Ayatul Kursi should be recited once and in the second Raka'at, Surah al-Qadr should be recited 10 times after Surah-al-Hamd.

    Namaz-e-Haddiye Mayyit: In the first Raka'at, after reciting Surah al-Hamd, Surah Qadr should be recited. In the second Raka'at, after Surah al-Hamd recite Surah Kawther.

    Community Announcements

    Sheikh Jaffer H Jaffer invites all the youths of the community to participate in a special event during the Thanksgiving Break:

    - Thursday from 12:30pm - 3pm boys and girls between the ages of 14-25. Topic is an open forum to 'The Keys of Success'.
    - Friday from 1pm - 3:30pm boys and girls between the ages of 9-13. Topic is 'Kerbala In Me'.

    Lunch will be provided. Parents please encourage your children to attend these events

    Whispered Prayer of the Fearful (Munajat Khaefeen)

    3rd of 15 Whispered Prayers from 4th Imam Zainul Abideen a.s. found in Sahifa Al-Kamila Al-Sajjadiya recited by Hussain Ghareeb


    - Wednesday, October 1st  (Dhul HIjjah 7th Night)

    Shahadat 5th Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.)

    • 8:00 pm SurahYasin, Marsiya, Majalis, Mataam and Ziyarat
    • Majalis recited by Maulana Ma'zan Sehlani

    - Thursday, October 2nd (Dhul HIjjah 8th Night)

    • 8:00 pm Surah Yasin, Dua Kumayl, Majalis, and Ziyarat-e-Waritha
    • Majalis for the Ithal e Sawab of Marhum Jaffer Abdulhussain, Marhum Kassamali Bhalloo, Marhum Mohamed Raza Manji, Marhuma Samiha Fazel Jacksi
    • Majalis recited by Maulana Ma'zan Sehlani

    - Friday, October 3rd (Dhul HIjjah 9th Night)

    • 1:00 pm Juma’a Program
    • 6:57 pm Salaat al Maghrib followed by Ladies Quran Tafsir Class AND Children's Workshop
      • Workshop for children ages Boys 4-10 and Girls 4-14.
      • The workshop topic will be Celebrations/Commemorations of Islamic Events. A focus on Imam Hussain (AS)’s mission and our current duties towards Imam Mahdi (AS).
      • Workshop to run approximately 1 hour and conclude by 8:15 pm.
      • Cost for workshops is $5.
      • Please contact Sr. Zeenat Walji for additional information.
      • To register for workshops, please go to (Registration Form)

    Shahadat Hazarat Muslim (A.S)

    • 8:15 pm SurahYasin, Marsiya, Majalis, Mataam and Ziyarat
    • Majalis recited by Maulana Ma'zan Sehlani

    - Saturday, October 4th (Dhul HIjjah 9th Day)


    • 1:00 pm Salaat al Zuhr followed by Amaal Roz-e-Arafat
    • Amaal led by Maulana Ma'zan Sehlani

    - Sunday, October 5th (Dhul HIjjah 10th day):

    • 6:30 am Fajr Program

    Eid al Hajj

    • 8:30 am Dua-e-Nudba followed by Salatul al Eid, Kutbah, Maulud program, Ziyarat
    • Salaat al Eid  led by Sheikh Ma'zan Sehlani

    • 10:30 am Madressa
      • Eid al Hajj Celebration
      • Special Assembly for ALL students presented by Maulana Ma'zan Sehlani (staring immediately following Ziyarat)
      • Please ensure children dress in comfortable attire for play / activities (following Brunch)
    • 10:45 am Eid Brunch
    • 11:00 am Activities for children Moon Bounce, Games, Ice Cream and More (activities for ALL Children!!)
    • 1:00 pm Salaat al Zuhr


    • Office Hours with Sheikh Bilal will resume in mid October. Schedule will be posted.

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