The acquisition of knowledge is viewed as one of the most virtuous acts in the religion of Islam. There are many verses of the Quran and traditions from the Prophet Muhammad and his family which emphasize the importance of this act. For example, in [58:11] of the Quran, God states: “Allah will raise those who have believed amongst you and those who were given knowledge, by levels”. This verse demonstrates that a key part of one’s spiritual elevation is the attainment of knowledge. Furthermore, we have a famous tradition from the Prophet Muhammad who states: “The seeking of knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim”. And in another tradition, he emphasizes that this journey of acquiring knowledge is one which is life long, by saying: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”.

Based upon these religious injunctions, our community finds it of great importance to provide various avenues for the attainment of knowledge. We regularly host lectures and discussions by scholars trained in the religious sciences, provide rudimentary classes to the younger generation on a weekly basis in our Sunday school, frequently host seminars and workshops that aid one in dealing with practical challenges, and offer more advanced courses for those who want to become acquainted with more specialized subjects. Through all of these different services, we hope to build a learned community with a commitment to developing themselves and their community.