There are several verses of the Holy Quran which emphasize the importance of giving charity. For example, we find that when describing the signs of the pious, the Quran states in [2:3]: “they spend from that which We have provided for them”. The expression “to send”, has been understood by Muslim commentators of the Quran to mean “spend in the way of Allah” and amongst these ways is the giving of charity. Charity is both mandated and highly recommended in Islamic belief. For example, we find that there are mandatory forms of charity upon the Muslim, such as what are known in Islamic legal terminology as “Zakat” and “Khums”. But furthermore, charity is recommended at every instance in one’s life for it is viewed by Muslims as something which repels physical and spiritual hardships.

Our community seeks to involve ourselves in many charitable endeavors to aid those who are in need. We view the assistance of those who are around us within our local community as a tenant which our faith emphasizes.