The religion of Islam is a communal faith whereby one’s spiritual journey to God involves the fulfillment of their responsibility to their community. A clear example of this can be seen in the great emphasis of reciting the five daily prayers communally. In these communal prayers, people of different socioeconomic status and backgrounds stand next to each other and call upon God together. There are also several traditions from the Prophet Muhammad which emphasize the dangers of harming those around them. For example, the Prophet Muhammad is quoted to have said: “A Muslim is he whom one is safe from their tongue and hands”. In fact, one of the great successes of the Prophet Muhammad was to establish a harmonious community in Arabia amongst those who previously would engage in almost constant conflict under the guise of tribalism.

Based upon these important principles, we seek to emulate the example of the Prophet Muhammad and the Quranic teachings by offering communal support to those in need. Our institution offers counseling, financial assistance, and other forms of support to those who find themselves in hardship. We also seek to build the communal spirit by our frequent programs, such as the Friday prayer, which is attended by many our congregant, daily prayers, and other important programs which revolve around key dates in the Islamic calendar.